We did it!
The Green Party won its first MEP seat
for Eastern region, with 202,460 votes

Catherine Rowett

The Green Party stands for a fair, sustainable future for all.
We believe in the Common Good.

While we are fortunate in Suffolk Coastal to live in a beautiful area,
there are many important local issues that need dealing with.

What does Suffolk Coastal Green Party stands for?

More affordable housing
We are not in favour of huge new developments such as the one planned at Adastral Park, where the infrastructure is already overloaded and public transport is poor. Planning for affordable homes is inadequate.

Tackling air pollution
From January to March 2018, Suffolk Coastal Green Party measured air quality in Woodbridge and outside Melton Primary School, when Woods Lane was closed.  Nitrogen Dioxide levels actually exceeded European limits at both sites. There is an ongoing problem at the Red Lion lights, even after the re-openinng of Woods Lane. With further developments planned at Woods Lane, Adastral Park and Sizewell, pollution across Suffolk is only set to increase.

No to Sizewell
Sizewell has been selected as ‘suitable’ for two new nuclear power stations, despite the fact that it is in an Area of Outstanding National Beauty (AONB), would irreparably damage a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and will very likely cause harm to at least six other nearby ecological habitats. Let’s put the billions being thrown at nuclear into renewables, guaranteeing long-term employment for local people.

Join us for a fairer world.
A vote for the Green Party is a vote for the Common Good


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