Climate change news: weekly round-up

Welcome to our new weekly round-up of reports on climate breakdown

The big news this week was our missing insects. A tweet from Chris Packham highlighted the issue. Pesticides, urban spread and global warming are among the causes. The effects are a knock-on loss of bird and wildlife, and detrimental consequences for pest control and pollination.

Third Runway at Heathrow
The other big story was the government’s approval of the third runway at Heathrow. As Caroline Lucas pointed out, there was no mention of climate in Chris Grayling’s speech in  the House of Commons.

A group of activist grandparents locked-on outside the Department for Business, following Chris Grayling’s ruling to make fracking easier.

Melting ice sheet
In the Antarctic, ice is melting at record-breaking rates, with dangerous consequences for global cities from rising sea levels.

In India, levels of smog were over times the safe levels set by the World Health Organisation.

Global warming
The UN reported that we are likely to exceed targets of 1.5 warming, unless countries take radical action. Renewable energy, zero carbon transport, ending deforestation, and improved agricultural management are among necessary actions.

Slower atmospheric circulation
A study has shown that slower atmospheric circulation – which means slower hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons – causes stronger winds, 24% heavier rainfall and rising sea levels.

In more positive moves…

McDonalds will ban plastic straws from September.

The Pope called for an end to fossil fuel use when he addressed oil company executives at a Vatican conference on climate change.

Legal and General is to take action against firms which are not addressing climate change.




Three actions

Ask your local council to make parks, verges and roundabouts pollinator friendly.

Third runway
Write to your MP asking them to vote against the Third Runway.
Join the hunger strike by Vote No Heathrow.

Write to Chris Grayling, asking him not to make fracking easier.

Join the activist grannies and grandads against fracking.

Join us!



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