Climate change news: weekly round up 24th June

A sobering start to the week, with the Guardian’s report on the global water shortage. A ninth of the planet’s population have no access to clean, affordable water. The effects are exasperated by climate breakdown – droughts, pesticides and pollution.

In a cruel irony, over 300,000 homes face flooding over the next 30 years because of rising sea levels.

Labour will be allowed a free vote next week on the third runway at Heathrow. Campaigners blocked roads on Parliament Square on Friday evening, calling for MPs to oppose the expansion. Conservative MP Greg Hands resigned, ahead of the vote on Monday.

New footage has been released of plastic pollution in wildlife.

The government has been criticised for not acting quickly on air pollution


On a more positive note…
Pension fund trustees should now find it easier to invest in green alternatives to fossil fuels.

The Environmental Audit Committee has set up an enquiry into throwaway fashion.


Did you know 13 tons of water went into making your smartphone?!
Some tips to save water.

Buy second-hand, make do and mend, and have a look at ethical fashion sources on the internet. 

Boris Johnson is bunking off the Heathrow vote tomorrow (Monday 25th June), but we don’t have to. Email or Tweet your MP while there is still time.

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