Climate change news: weekly round up 1st July

Heathrow protest
Protestors against the Heathrow expansion in the House of Commons lobby

A legal action against the Heathrow expansion is being launched, after MPs voted in favour of a third runway on Monday. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who had said he would lie down in front of the bulldozers, missed the vote. The tidal lagoon at Swansea was also scrapped.

Climate change has contributed to recent, aggressive fires in the North of England. Several water companies have introduced hose pipe bans or appealed to users to limit their water use, which has risen during the heatwave. The Committee on Climate Change has urged the government to act faster. Lord Deben said companies should be ashamed of their lack of action.

Biodiversity has been damaged in the area around the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster. Wildlife is also declining because of global deforestation.  The swallowtail butterfly could become extinct because of rising sea levels.There are concerns that oak trees are at risk; and millions of trees are being illegally cut down in the Congo to meet European demand.

The growth of solar power is under threat as subsidies end next April.

Thailand has become the rubbish bin for electronic waste.

And the good news…
The Welsh government has banned microbeads.

There’s been a 70% drop in songbirds killed in Cyprus since last year.

900,000 trees have been planted in Heroshah in Pakistan since 2015.

You’re probably water aware already – showers not baths, water butts not hose pipes- but you can also support charities like WaterAid.

Take action to save insects.

Join one of the campaigns against Heathrow expansion: Stop Heathrow Expansion, Vote No Heathrow or No 3rd Runway Coalition.

Mend your phone: join your local Makerspace group.

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