Farmers and the EU subsidy

Farming is a major industry in our region. U.K farmers currently receive £3.5 billion each year in E.U. subsidies £80 an acre they farm.

Gove proposes that when this subsidy stops as we leave the E.U. he will year by year reduce the amount the farmers receive until by 2028 the subsidy has vanished. He also proposes to remove the tariff that food importers have to pay on food from non E.U. countries. Brexiteers such as Jacob Rees-Mogg often extol the ‘cheap food’ that will result from leaving the E.U.   Jacob is not really interested in the fate of our farmers.

His considerable wealth comes from his investments which, routed via tax havens are his main source of income.

post by Eric Walker, SCGP Membership Secretary


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