Housing. Why are there so few affordable houses to buy or rent?

This is a direct result of Conservative policy.

They first said that local councils must allow their tenants to buy their houses at a below market price. Note that this privilege was not extended to private tenants!

Further, local councils were not allowed to build any more houses to replace the ones they had been forced to sell. As an example, Ipswich had owned 14,000 houses, they have been forced to sell about 6,500.   Of these 6,500, about half are no longer occupied by the original tenants. They either died or sold and moved elsewhere. So these houses are now private to rent houses. Thus, within Ipswich about 3000 affordable houses to rent have disappeared even though the population has grown greatly in the last 20 years.   And the losses are still continuing.

And you have to remember that when big estates like Chantry were built they were 100% affordable houses.   Now when the like of Persimmon or Bloor build small estates they argue and get the percentage of ‘affordable ones’ reduced to around 5%. And remember that Persimmon made a £66,00 profit on each house they built in their last financial year.

Article by SCGP Membership Secretary Eric Walker

Read more about Green Party housing policy here

affordable homes


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