What are the Green Party’s policies?

Suffolk Coastal Green Party’s three top priorities are:


We support national Green Party policies, founded on the following ten pillars:

Save the environment
We are in the middle of what scientists call the sixth mass extinction.
The Green Party will:

  • strengthen international agreements on climate breakdown
  • change how we measure progress
  • accelerate the roll-out of renewable energy
  • reduce our energy consumption

Green our land
Our land is under assault from developers, dirty technology and plastic.
The Green Party will:

  • make it easier to block the wrong kind of development
  • protect the land and sea
  • facilitate a zero waste society
  • plant more trees
  • ban fracking

Protect animal life
The Green Party doesn’t think it’s right to exploit other species on the planet, and will:

  • end abuse and exploitation of companion animals
  • reduce animal farming
  • ban animal testing
  • stop the badger cull and extend the hunting act

Challenge privilege
From vested interests that use our broken electoral system and corrupt party funding process to steer policy in the direction they want, to politicians who feel they have a right to rule because of the school they went to, privilege is all around us. The Green Party will:

  • make votes matter
  • retire unelected politicians
  • enable diversity
  • reform political funding

End discrimination
Whatever your skin colour, sexuality, ability or gender identity, our country should be a place where you feel at home. The Green Party will end discrimination by:

  • starting in schools
  • smashing barriers for BAME people
  • tackling misogyny
  • fighting for the LGBTIQA+ community
  • improving trans rights

Champion international friendships
We want to build a country that is at ease with itself and its neighbours, which builds bridges not walls.  The Green Party will:

  • hold a People’s vote on the Brexit deal and campaigning for a reformed Europe:
  • stand up for migrants and refugees
  • abolishing nuclear weapons and curb the arms trade
  • transform lives through international aid

Liberate our working lives
An economy that delivers more free time to spend with friends and family, which ensures greater financial security for everyone, alongside the opportunity to live larger lives. The Green Party will:

  • phase in the four-day working week
  • introduce a Universal Basic Income
  • create more high quality jobs
  • end workplace exploitation
  • tackle wage inequality


Unleash our creative power
The Green Party seeks to unleash the urge in all of us to be creative, to be innovative, to be brave by:Widening access to university and adult education, for people of ages by:

  • delivering genuine localism
  • giving small businesses a competitive break
  • making high-speed broadband a right
  • increasing funding and tax cuts for the arts and independent media

Embed collective kindness in our society

We envision a country underpinned by well-funded, locally led public services providing care and support for all – a society rooted in kindness:

  • restoring the NHS
  • freeing schools from the current test-led regime
  • bringing railways and buses into community hands
  • investing in community renewal
  • supporting disabled people

Deliver quality of life for all
The water we drink, the air we breathe, the grass our children play on, the homes we live in – they determine our health and wellbeing.

  • tackling air pollution
  • localising energy provision
  • insulating our homes
  • boosting access to green space and outdoor exercise
  • making council housing accessible again
  • giving more rights to private sector renters

For a more detailed look at the policies, take a look at the national Green Party website


Please sign our fracking letter

SCGP member Betsy Reid has written to the Business Secretary, Greg Clark, against his plans to allow fracking companies to drill test sites without the need for planning permission.

Please consider drafting your own letter; or, alternatively, email Betsy or her colleague Libby Ruffle to add your signature.

“Dear Mr Clark,

I’m writing to ask you to reconsider allowing fracking companies to drill test sites without the need for planning permission.

Local communities have consistently protested against fracking. They are not only trying to protect their own and surrounding areas, but are also standing in solidarity with other places around the world that have been blighted by the extraction of fossil fuels and natural gases.

We are at a tipping point where we must take action if we truly wish to stem climate breakdown. Globally, we have a ‘carbon budget’ of 565 gigatons to ‘use’ between 2011 and 2050 (Carbon Tracker figures 2014) to maintain the maximum 2 degree rise in temperature. Already, with the rapid melting of the Antarctic ice sheets, we are locked into a 10 metre sea level rise.

Clearly, we must add no more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Fracking adds not only the CO2 from burning the gas but seemingly unavoidable leakage of methane (with a global warming power 38 times that of CO2).

Investment in these dirty technologies, with both known and unknown hazards, diverts funds and attention from clean renewables; and once the infrastructure is in place we are locked in to using it for all the years it takes to repay the investment, or they become stranded assets – which is what the climate crisis is likely to make them.  Wind and sun, together with energy conservation and demand management, can do an effective job, and generate jobs in the process.

Our community is not, so far, at risk from fracking, but I’m asking as a citizen of this country and of the world, to please not commit our homes to further climate breakdown.

We, the undersigned, support her campaign to seek alternatives to fracking, and halt climate breakdown.”

post by Libby Ruffle
Personal posts do not necessarily reflect the views of all members.