Climate change news: weekly round-up 18th July

After weeks of dry weather, a temporary hosepipe ban will be introduced in the North West next month. It will affect seven million people.

The hot weather has caused several fires acoss Suffolk, in Chelmondiston, Great Wenham and Bungay, and near Sudbury. Further afield, fires have raged inside the Arctic Circle.

And the good news…??

Suffolk County Council is to consider two motions on Thursday 19th July for a Suffolk-wide network of cycle routes. Add your voice here!

Penzance has shown that it is possible to become plastic free!

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Climate change news: weekly round up 9th July

The UK heatwave was the big story last week. The country saw Britain’s longest heatwave in five years. Vehicles and people sank into melted tarmac.

The death of Ella Kissi-Debrah is thought to be the first directly linked to illegal levels of air pollution.

Greenhouse gas emissions have risen significantly in the past couple of years in Wales; carbon emissions in West Suffolk are 55% higher than average. 

At least 100 people have died after flooding in Japan. Refugees in Rohingya are in danger from landslides as monsoon season approaches.

Campaigners in Marseille are challenging pollution from cruise ships.

The UN has released a report showing worrying levels of over fishing.


Projects in India are underway which make innovative use of discarded plastic.

460 acres of land in the Peak District will be made into a wildflower site.



SCGP are undertaking a project this summer to monitor local levels of pollution.
Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

If you’re going on holiday, take a staycation and explore beautiful Suffolk.

Ditch the plastic, and take advantage of the water refill points in Woodbridge.

Climate change news: weekly round up 1st July

Heathrow protest
Protestors against the Heathrow expansion in the House of Commons lobby

A legal action against the Heathrow expansion is being launched, after MPs voted in favour of a third runway on Monday. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who had said he would lie down in front of the bulldozers, missed the vote. The tidal lagoon at Swansea was also scrapped.

Climate change has contributed to recent, aggressive fires in the North of England. Several water companies have introduced hose pipe bans or appealed to users to limit their water use, which has risen during the heatwave. The Committee on Climate Change has urged the government to act faster. Lord Deben said companies should be ashamed of their lack of action.

Biodiversity has been damaged in the area around the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster. Wildlife is also declining because of global deforestation.  The swallowtail butterfly could become extinct because of rising sea levels.There are concerns that oak trees are at risk; and millions of trees are being illegally cut down in the Congo to meet European demand.

The growth of solar power is under threat as subsidies end next April.

Thailand has become the rubbish bin for electronic waste.

And the good news…
The Welsh government has banned microbeads.

There’s been a 70% drop in songbirds killed in Cyprus since last year.

900,000 trees have been planted in Heroshah in Pakistan since 2015.

You’re probably water aware already – showers not baths, water butts not hose pipes- but you can also support charities like WaterAid.

Take action to save insects.

Join one of the campaigns against Heathrow expansion: Stop Heathrow Expansion, Vote No Heathrow or No 3rd Runway Coalition.

Mend your phone: join your local Makerspace group.

Climate change news: weekly round up 24th June

A sobering start to the week, with the Guardian’s report on the global water shortage. A ninth of the planet’s population have no access to clean, affordable water. The effects are exasperated by climate breakdown – droughts, pesticides and pollution.

In a cruel irony, over 300,000 homes face flooding over the next 30 years because of rising sea levels.

Labour will be allowed a free vote next week on the third runway at Heathrow. Campaigners blocked roads on Parliament Square on Friday evening, calling for MPs to oppose the expansion. Conservative MP Greg Hands resigned, ahead of the vote on Monday.

New footage has been released of plastic pollution in wildlife.

The government has been criticised for not acting quickly on air pollution


On a more positive note…
Pension fund trustees should now find it easier to invest in green alternatives to fossil fuels.

The Environmental Audit Committee has set up an enquiry into throwaway fashion.


Did you know 13 tons of water went into making your smartphone?!
Some tips to save water.

Buy second-hand, make do and mend, and have a look at ethical fashion sources on the internet. 

Boris Johnson is bunking off the Heathrow vote tomorrow (Monday 25th June), but we don’t have to. Email or Tweet your MP while there is still time.

Climate change news: weekly round-up

Welcome to our new weekly round-up of reports on climate breakdown

The big news this week was our missing insects. A tweet from Chris Packham highlighted the issue. Pesticides, urban spread and global warming are among the causes. The effects are a knock-on loss of bird and wildlife, and detrimental consequences for pest control and pollination.

Third Runway at Heathrow
The other big story was the government’s approval of the third runway at Heathrow. As Caroline Lucas pointed out, there was no mention of climate in Chris Grayling’s speech in  the House of Commons.

A group of activist grandparents locked-on outside the Department for Business, following Chris Grayling’s ruling to make fracking easier.

Melting ice sheet
In the Antarctic, ice is melting at record-breaking rates, with dangerous consequences for global cities from rising sea levels.

In India, levels of smog were over times the safe levels set by the World Health Organisation.

Global warming
The UN reported that we are likely to exceed targets of 1.5 warming, unless countries take radical action. Renewable energy, zero carbon transport, ending deforestation, and improved agricultural management are among necessary actions.

Slower atmospheric circulation
A study has shown that slower atmospheric circulation – which means slower hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons – causes stronger winds, 24% heavier rainfall and rising sea levels.

In more positive moves…

McDonalds will ban plastic straws from September.

The Pope called for an end to fossil fuel use when he addressed oil company executives at a Vatican conference on climate change.

Legal and General is to take action against firms which are not addressing climate change.




Three actions

Ask your local council to make parks, verges and roundabouts pollinator friendly.

Third runway
Write to your MP asking them to vote against the Third Runway.
Join the hunger strike by Vote No Heathrow.

Write to Chris Grayling, asking him not to make fracking easier.

Join the activist grannies and grandads against fracking.

Join us!