Ipswich Against Trump!


Donald Trump has pulled out of the Paris climate agreement, said that climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese and is a supporter of fracking.

So is it any wonder that SCGP members joined the protests in Ipswich when he visited the UK?!

For those who couldn’t make it into London, the meeting at the wonderful La Tour Cafe – hosted by Stop Trump Ipswich and Ipswich National Education Union – was an evening of resistance, solidarity and some hilarity!

Mr Trump surprised no one with his inconsistent and alarming statements. 250,000 people marched in London to tell the US president that his divisive and hostile policies are not welcome here.

post by Libby Ruffle
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SCGP members take action against the Heathrow expansion

Campaigners against the third runway at Heathrow block Parliament Square

Suffolk Coastal Green Party members were among those who blocked Parliament Square on June 22nd in a peaceful protest against the expansion of Heathrow Airport. Some campaigners were on their 14th day of hunger striking. Others joined in for 24 hours or longer in solidarity.

Protesters sat in the road opposite the House of Commons for around half an hour, hoping to raise awareness and persuade MPs to vote against the third runway.

The vote took place on Monday 25th. The foreign secretary Boris Johnson was criticised for missing the vote, after he had promised to lie down in front of the bulldozers to stop the expansion. A small number of protesters managed to enter the House that evening.

The vote went in favour of the expansion by 415 votes to 119. Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas said the vote was a ‘wrecking ball‘ to climate policies.

A legal case was immediately launched by Greenpeace, Sadiq Khan and other London councils and campaign groups.

Coming after the government rejected the £1.3bn Swansea tidal lagoon on cost grounds, the £14 billion expansion is disappointing, and a concern if we are serious about tackling climate breakdown.

Report by Libby Ruffle.
Personal reports don’t necessarily reflect the view of all SCGP members.