Deben – Aidan Semmens

Aidan Semmens
Aidan Semmens, Green candidate for Deben ward

A freelance journalist and former columnist for the Ipswich Star and Eastern Daily Press, I have lived in East Suffolk for nearly 25 years and am passionately keen on preserving the area’s natural environment and wildlife, particularly its internationally important coast, wetlands and estuaries. This extraordinary, vital and unique asset is under threat as never before from potential post-Brexit relaxation of environmental protections, and from development – particularly of Sizewell.

It is hard to exaggerate the insanity of placing a nuclear installation on an eroding coastline. Think of Dunwich – then think of Fukushima. Our nuclear developers – or the French, or the Chinese – are not cleverer or more clairvoyant than their Japanese fellows. But we should all have the chance to learn from Japan’s catastrophic mistakes. And that means no Sizewell C. Not now, not ever.

My priorities within parish or ward would be resisting further unnecessary and damaging development, while encouraging the use of existing buildings and infrastructure to give local people, including the young, a chance to live here sensibly and affordably.

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Aidan canvassing with Rachel in Melton