Kelsale and Yoxford – Jeremy Adams

Jeremy Adams Dear Voters of Kelsale and Yoxford,

‘We have 11 years to limit climate change catastrophe, warns UN’

‘Urgent changes needed to cut risk of extreme heat, drought, floods and poverty, says IPCC’

My name is Jeremy Adams. I have lived in Kelsale for over 40 years. I’ve never before been politically active but headlines like these have galvanised me.

I worked as an administrator, researcher and project manager at BT Research Labs for 27 years and then for 10 years as a Countryside Ranger for Suffolk County Council. I learnt to respect the power of science and the scientific method to reveal the true nature of things and developed a deep love for our wonderful Suffolk natural environment.

The consensus on the science of climate change is overwhelming and is now being backed up by more and more data as the world gets warmer every year (20 of the warmest years since records began have been in the last 22 years). This is the issue that is really important and dangerous (not Brexit!) and will soon impact all our lives and those of our children and grandchildren.

Global warming over 1.5°C will lead to the displacement of millions of people from areas that have become uninhabitable and a general shortage of foodstuffs as crops fail to cope with the increased temperatures. Action is needed in the next 11 years to limit warming to this figure. The world has already warmed by 1°C since pre-industrial times.

If you think I’m being unnecessarily alarmist, I urge you to watch Attenborough’s programme ‘Climate Change: The Facts’ first broadcast on BBC1 on 18th April.

If you’re as worried about this as I am, vote Green on May 2nd because the Greens are the only party who properly understand the issue (we have been banging on about it for decades) and have developed policies to meet this unprecedented challenge to all our lives. It is essential that the Greens get a substantial percentage of the vote on May 2nd to send a clear message to the UK government.


Jeremy Adams
Green candidate for the Kelsale and Yoxford ward of the new East Suffolk District Council